Knowing someone ‘gets it’ can be extremely therapeutic

Knowing someone ‘gets it’ can be extremely therapeutic. This is a significant part of any psychotherapy treatment and can be achieved in 1:1 work as well as through support groups. The quote below is specific to terrorist incidents but relates to any kind of trauma suffered, whether caused by a one off incident or through developmental trauma from growing up “not being understood”. Having someone to listen who ‘gets it’ helps. ‘Getting it’ can be through shared experience, such as in a support group of others in similar situations, and through an exploratory 1:1 psychotherapy relationship.

This BBC article (link below) is interesting in how many people tried to ‘carry on as normal’ after being on the tube in the 7/7 bombing. They walked away physically unharmed – their injuries ‘invisible’ ……mental health is often invisible until it gets too much. The work of the Psychologist team in this article is a good example of trying to raise awareness of the importance of taking mental health seriously and making it more ‘ok’ to talk about and ask for help.

“The positive effects of peer support for survivors of major terrorist incidents has begun to change how treatment is planned in case of future attacks. “ (

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