“….a feeling arose: a desire to be with others, a need to be with myself ”

There is often tension between wanting to be with people, to feel able to rely on someone, to be dependent, cared for and wanting to be by yourself, to be independent, not reliant on another, to look after yourself. 

This struggle can result in confusing feelings within yourself and can be part of difficulties in relationships.

It is an innate struggle derived from the time we are born; it starts with the cutting of the umbilical cord and a developing sense of our separateness as we grow and develop outside of the womb.  We are of course initially entirely dependent upon the care of another in order to survive, as we grow older this balance of being cared for and being able to care for ourselves evolves. How this happens and the feelings that grow alongside depends on our own personal experiences.  We all have our own unique struggle with this. 

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