I work both long-term and short term with clients.   Working more short term can be sufficient for some clients who want to focus on a particular area or difficulty.  It can also offer an introduction to the therapy process.  Short term work can also enable a more focused approach to longer-term work which can then be done in stages.  Long term work offers space and time to go deeper and to work with the complexities of the bigger picture.  This approach aims to lead to a fuller understanding of all aspects of your life and how things are connected and related.

Often clients don’t know how long they will need or want in therapy but this is something we can think about together in an introductory session.  We can also just start and see where we go without a timeframe in place – whatever feels best for you, the client.

Psychotherapy and Counselling offer a safe and confidential space allowing you to explore who you are and any difficulties you may be experiencing.  It is a unique space with someone to listen and really hear you without judgment, agenda or burden.

Time just for you.   Perhaps you want  to understand and make sense of who you are or of things going on in your life.  Maybe you have a particular struggle you are trying to manage.  Perhaps you are unsure what you are looking for, but feel you are seeking something.

Please feel free to drop me a message with any thoughts or questions or to set up an initial meeting to see if psychotherapy or counselling might be helpful for you.

What is Psychotherapy and Counselling?

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Psychotherapy and counselling are what are often referred to as ‘talking therapies’ where it is understood that ‘it helps to talk’.

The two practices generally differ in the training of the therapist and typically in the length of client work.   Traditionally, psychotherapy tends to be Continue reading “What is Psychotherapy and Counselling?”


What is psychotherapy?

For many people, ‘psychotherapy’ is an unfamiliar term.  People tend to know it is part of the field of mental health but, understandably, it’s often confused with psychiatry or psychology.  When I explain what I do people often say ‘oh, like counselling’. But, what is counselling?  It may be a term that people know, but …

Couples Therapy

It’s natural for relationship to have ups and downs.  Sometimes it can be helpful to see a therapist to work through things.  Perhaps you are finding yourselves in a repeating pattern of conflict and it feels impossible to shift out of it.  Or maybe something traumatic has happened within the relationship and you both need …