Trauma and trauma

Capital T trauma and little t trauma.  The word trauma can be misrepresented, misused, misunderstood, held on to tightly or defended against fiercely.  It’s one of those words.  It can be a very personal word; it can also be so disconnected from so much so that it is banded about without awareness of any potential trigger.

Whether you have experienced, and are living/struggling with, capital T trauma or little t trauma therapy can help.  The key is talking, being heard and processing what is going on for you.  This can take many forms, many paths, and will look and feel different for each individual.  Our journeys are unique, and I have the privilege of sitting alongside you and supporting you find your way, in your time, through it and out the other side. Working effectively with any trauma necessitates care, empathy & respect.  It can feel overwhelming or scary to share or even to say things out loud, but it can also be a huge relief and source of support to do so within the right relationship. See my other post ‘Therapist & Client’.

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